Saturday, October 18, 2014

Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.4

Summary: The Zebra Sarasa Clip (0.4) is one of my top three favorite gel pens.
Rating: 9/10
Price: ~$2.20
Where I buy it:

This was a sleeper pen for me. For years I wasn't aware of its existence. And even when I learned about it (thanks, Brad!), I didn't jump on it right away for whatever reason. Maybe I was just so happy with my Uni-ball Signos and Pilot Hi-Tec-Cs. I'm not sure. But this pen is a great writer. I've used both the gray and the blue-black versions. If I were ever stranded on a dessert island (notice I said "dessert" and not "desert" — who would ever want to be stranded on a desert island?!), I would be perfectly happy documenting my delectable experience with one of the blue-blacks.

Initially, I wasn't impressed with the unusual clip. However, after using it for a while, I've found that it doesn't get in the way. In fact, this is one of the few pens that I can attach to a Field Notes size notebook without having to worry about snapping the clip.

This beautiful baby is available in a variety of sizes and colors.


anvit said...

Hi, is it comfortable to keep this along with field notes in trouser pocket ? I am looking for a small pen that can along with field notes. Some of the options I am considering are Zebra Mini T3, Zebra Z grip mini and the Sarasa clip here. On a daily basis I have been using Uniball Signo 207 for the last two years but now looking for some thing smaller. I am not too keen on thin metal body pens which might be difficult to hold and write with. Would be great to know your thoughts. Cheers

Paul Peterson said...

Hi anvit,

The dimensions of the Zebra Sarasa Clip are nearly identical to those of the Uniball Signo 207. The main difference is with the pocket clip. Both will fit a Field Notes notebook, but the Sarasa Clip, because of a built-in spring, makes clipping the pen onto the notebook easier.

On the other hand, the Sarasa Clip doesn't hang onto the notebook quite as desperately. So it could get bumped off of the notebook more easily than the Signo 207.

Finally, (and I'm not sure it makes much difference) the Sarasa Clip slides onto the notebook just a bit further (maybe 1/4") than the Signo 207.

Hope that helps!

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